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Our Services

  • Our Standard Plan includes: Personal Dispatcher / Top Paying Loads Booking / Paperwork Setup (Carrier Package, Contracts, Load Confirmation) / Invoicing / 24/7 Dispatch Support / Driver’s Directions Assistance / Detention&Unused Truck Order Compensation Assistance.
  • We also provide services like:
    - Monthly IFTA Recordkeeping - $50/month per truck;
    - Monthly Load Statistics Profiling - $50/month per truck;
  • We can include other options, like QuickPay Setup Assistance or any other option you are looking for to your Customized Plan, we are open to negotiating, because we want to make sure that you get the best service and the best deal, just Call Us now!


  • Ernesto Hernandez
    I’m glad I’ve found this dispatching service, cause it’s all that I was looking for. They took care of everything for me and they have good rates.
    Ernesto Hernandez
    Premium Truck Solutions Inc.
  • Patrick Howard
    Great service from these guys! The loads were booked fast, everything went smooth and easy. Will definitely work with them in the future.
    Patrick Howard
    One&one Freight Inc.
  • Ryan Tucker
    Friendly and helpful dispatchers, had no issues.
    Ryan Tucker
    RT Transport Service LLC
1What type of trucking companies does ATC Dispatch generally work with?
We work with Owner-Operators pulling one (1) tractor to Trucking companies operating full truck fleets.
2What type of equipment does my company need in order to work with ATC Dispatch?
Here at ATC Dispatch we can load pretty much everything, dry vans, reefers, flat-beds, step decks or car haulers, you name it.
3Which brokers/shippers will you be using to find freight?
We will use brokers/shippers that pay the highest rate per mile as well as rate per working day. Before agreeing to any load, we will run by the owner/driver first, to make sure that it fits in with all the necessary requirements. If your company is worried about the broker/shippers ability to pay, we can perform credit checks if desired.
4Will I need to fill out any paperwork with the brokers/shippers?
Once we begin working together, unless asked specifically to do so, you will not need to fill out any more paperwork to haul freight for shippers/brokers.
5How often must payment be submitted to ATC Dispatch for the provided services?
Unless other arrangements have been established, payment must be submitted on a weekly basis.
6How do I know if a shipper/broker will pay me on time?
We only work with shippers and brokers with a good rating, in addition to that, ATC always checks their credit worthiness even if they are our longtime partners.
7Which documentation do I need in order to sign up for your services today?
All you need is your DOT authority paper, filled out W-9 form and Insurance certificate.
8I prefer doing local runs. Can you keep me busy?
Yes! Local, long distance, regional, all US states, anywhere, anytime, just let us know what your preferences are and we will make it happen.
9At my previous company it took forever to get a new load. How is ATC Dispatch different from my last dispatch?
We take pride in our experienced team of logistic professionals with long established relationships in trucking business. Our loads in the great majority come from direct shippers, therefore, no wait whatsoever! Try for yourself, if for any reason you are not satisfied after 5 business days, you won’t have to pay us anything!
10Do I have to take care of all the paperwork and documentation, including IFTA, or can your company help me?
Of cource! We can completely eliminate your need for filling out Carrier packets, creating and mailing invoices, recording miles driven and gallons of fuel purchased, as well as, manage your Insurance certificate updates and much, much more
11How soon can I start getting your loads?
Today! Just give us a call +1-740-720-4444, or e-mail us info@atcdispatch.com
12Why should I outsource and hire ATC Dispatch?
It’s pretty simple, ATC Dispatch provides you with personalized service from highly experienced and educated professional logistic specialists. Make no mistake about it, dispatching is a full time job and can be extremely time consuming. We want to make sure that you keep on driving and we will take care of the rest.
13How many trucks can be handled by my personal ATC Dispatch freight specialist?
We want to ensure that each and every of our clients receives fast and efficient personal attention from our professional dispatchers, therefore, there will be up to 5 trucks assigned per team member.

About ATC Dispatch

All Trucks and Cargo Dispatch is a professional trucking dispatch provider who is here to assist you in finding freight that fits right for you, whenever you are an owner operator or an independent trucker.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, that’s why our skilled team makes sure to give you the best dispatching service.

Our mission is to save your time, find top paying loads for you and make the whole loading process as simple, safe and fast as possible.

ATC Dispatch guarantees personalized experience, taking in consideration all the important and specific criteria for freight’s delivery and its cost’s efficiency specifically for you.

We see you as our business partner, so we want to make sure that we build strong and trustworthy relationship together.

If you are looking for a reliable partner that can productively find, coordinate and monitor your truck’s loads, making your business more profitable, call ATC Dispatch, Call Us Now!



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