We are proud to say that we can offer:

24/7 – 365 dispatch

Highly trained professionals that can handle any type of equipment at all times.

Personalized Routes

Well paid freight opportunities from any location in the country, taking in consideration all your preferences.


We can provide our services in more than 3 languages.

Simple Billing

Official invoices, fast and different payment methods

Our Services

Our Standard 3% Plan includes:

  • Top paying loads booked from A list brokers - every rate is always negotiated;
  • Paperwork, Setups (contracts with brokers, load/rate confirmations, carrier packets);
  • Informative assistance to drivers 24/7;
  • All updates to brokers;
  • Detention/Layover/TONU compensation assistance.

Why us

  • All original load/rate confirmations will be forwarded to you. No hidden rates or fees.
  • All payments from brokers will go straight to your or your factoring company's account.
  • We never book a load without Your approval, You will decide on dates, time, destinations and all your preferences will be taken in consideration.
  • Our services are paid through official invoices as well, typically once in 2 weeks.


  • “Good thing is that I am home on the weekends now, my guy knows how to rotate me so I can spend time with my family also”.
    Leandro Gonzalez
  • “My previous dispatcher used to lie about rates and was taking at least $200-$300 from a load from me. I didn’t know that because all the money was going through that their account. This company sends me all the original rate-cons and I get my money straight from the broker, so no more ripping off for me. Before you sign up with someone make sure they don’t hide rates from you.”
    Azat Utegenov
  • “One of the best decisions that I’ve made as an owner-operator is to delegate dispatch and all the paperwork to a dispatching company, and here they take care of it all. Great loads and everything is done on time. Highly recommend doing so, and you won’t have to worry about driving while trying to book a good load, sending invoice etc ”
    Alex T.
  • “These guys know what they are doing. I’ve never stayed a day waiting for a load.”
  • Nick L.
    “Good loads and honest approach, can’t complain”
    Nick L.
1What companies does ATC Dispatch works with?
We work with owner-operators with own MC or trucking companies with any fleet size.
2What particular type of trucks/trailers does my company need in order to work with ATC Dispatch?
ATC Dispatch can load any type of trucks - reefers, dry vans, step decks, flatbeds or car haulers, we cover them all.
3Which brokers/shippers does ATC Dispatch work with?
We work with A list brokers only, and always negotiate for the highest rates for each load. We can perform broker/shipper’s credit history check for you.
4Will I have to fill any paperwork with brokers/shippers?
As soon as we start working with you, all paperwork becomes our responsibility, so you will not have to fill any of that in order to haul freight for brokers/shippers anymore, unless agreed otherwise.
5How often should I submit payments for services provided by ATC Dispatch?
Payments for ATC Dispatch services must be submitted through official invoices once in 2 weeks, unless agreed otherwise.
6Which documents do I need in order to sign up with ATC Dispatch?
All you need is: - A Copy of your Motor Carrier Authority form (DOT/MC); - A Copy of your Insurance Certificate (Standard); - A Completed W9 form.
7I do local runs, will you keep me busy?
Sure! We do it all - locals or interstate through all US states, just let us now where and when you want to have your routes planned, and we will make sure to take all your preferences in consideration.
8My previous dispatcher was taking forever to get a load for me, is ATC Dispatch any different?
Our team consists of professional dispatchers and logistics experts, who make sure to do their absolute best to keep you busy and help you earn more money, spending less time. You are our priority, so we keep your truck constantly loaded, no idle time.
9When can I start working with ATC Dispatch?
As soon as right now! Just give us a call 740-720-4444 or email us at info@atcdispatch.com
10Why should I choose outsource company like ATC Dispatch and not hire a local company?
It’s actually very simple - ATC Dispatch provides professional trucking dispatch services, all the necessary assistance and help for as low as 3% as opposed to 10%+ that local companies charge! Why pay double when you can get the same if not better services for much lower price? We are here to help you earn more money, spending no time on all the routine work. You do the driving - we do the rest!
11How many trucks can my personal dispatcher at ATC Dispatch operate at the same time?
Our top priority is to make sure that all of our customers get all the attention and help that they need, saving their time and making the whole loading process as simple, safe and fast as possible, so we usually assign not more than 5 trucks per our team member.


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